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2018-05-28 09:00
MOI hosts International Symposium on Urban Regeneration – Taiwan and the US exchanges urban development experiences
Urban renewal (regeneration) is a major governmental policy that serves to improve the cityscape, reinforce residential safety and provide a livable environment. In light of this, MOI conducted a 2-day International Symposium on Urban Regeneration starting on January 16, where 3 American scholars and experts were invited to share their experience on urban regeneration, urban renewal and social participation, as well as to talk about the renowned case study on the revival and renewal of an old town district. The guests invited were Larry Bennett, Lawrence Vale and Karen Chapple. The purpose of this US-Taiwan exchange and dialogue is to foster overall urban developments in the country.

During his opening speech, Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh elaborated on the 3 major homeland and housing related policies promoted during his office: 1. Implement the Spatial Plan; 2. Promote urban renewal; 3. Provide social housing.

In particular, the close association between urban renewal as well as the policy and plan on social housing must be understood, while the Public Housing and Urban Renewal Center will be established to reinforce momentum. According to Jiunn-rong Yeh, these policies are closely related to the symposium not only in terms of urban renewal but also the creation of a resilient city as well as the planning of social housing and protecting the people’s right to a livable environment through urban renewal. These are the most crucial missions of MOI at the moment.

Jiunn-rong Yeh pointed out that American experts and scholars were especially invited to attend the annual International Symposium on Urban Regeneration this year (2018) in order to share their invaluable experiences and case studies with Taiwan, so that people who care about urban renewal, as well as academics and experts in the country will be able to understand the philosophy and approach adopted by the US government for urban planning. These will become important references for the Taiwan government in promoting related policies.

Jiunn-rong Yeh stressed that each nation and city has its own cultural and social heritage, therefore after understanding various approaches adopted by different international cities, the focus should return to catering for the local needs in Taiwan. It is hoped that the central government and local municipalities will endeavor to tackle problems such as a rapidly aging population and climate change in order to make the overall living environment in Taiwan more resilient.

MOI hosts l International Symposium on Urban Regeneration.MOI hosts l International Symposium on Urban Regeneration.

According to MOI, for the forum in the first day afternoon of the international symposium, government representatives from 6 municipalities were invited to attend the event to share local urban renewal experiences with one another. The forum proved to be beneficial for the private and public sectors in applications including urban renewal, land acquisition, stakeholder communication, negotiation and other relevant procedures. It is hoped that by establishing a partnership between the public and private sector, they will be able to promote urban renewal together in order to facilitate the transformation and revival of the city.

MOI also elaborated that the Urban Renewal Act, which is currently being deliberated at the Legislative Yuan, serves to resolve the difficulties encountered while implementing urban renewal. It is hoped that the amendment will focus on 3 major facets, including “Resolving practical dilemmas”, “Reinforcing due process” and “Creating a sound mechanism” to accelerated urban renewal and in turn improve the overall quality of Taiwan’s living environment. At the same time, the Public Housing and Urban Renewal Center will be established, in charge of managing social housing and guiding urban renewal. The aim is to increase the publicness and public welfare of government policies, thereby gaining public support for promoting urban renewal policies.

Lastly, MOI indicated that more than 200 professionals attended the international symposium, where American experts and scholars shared their experiences with professionals from the industry, government and academia in Taiwan who are involved in living environment development and urban renewal. Through such interaction and learning, we will be able to advance the promotion of urban renewal in Taiwan and improve competitiveness for our cities.

Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh presents his speech at International Symposium on Urban Regeneration.Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh presents his speech at International Symposium on Urban Regeneration.
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