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2018-03-19 09:00
Major policies or measures implemented by MOI in 2018
MOI is due to launch numerous new policies or measures in 2018 that are closely associated with the people’s rights. The 13 policies include: “Shortening the timeframe for actual price registration”, “Building mapping registration new regulations, eaves and canopies no longer included in registration”, “Using household registration data (number plate) to renew citizens’ addresses at land registration authorities”, “Renewed alternative service plan”, “Social housing guaranteed rent and property management program”, “New regulation stipulating that mortuary service provider should employ full-time morticians”, “Administrative appeal via videoconferencing saves time, labor and money”, “Regulations on the creation of public restrooms and toilets for parents with infants”, “Foreigners may check for whether they are banned from leaving the country using Citizen Digital Certificate”, “Mini three links convenient measures”, “Nationals without household registration in the Taiwan area applying for Chinese overseas student resident certificate, extension or change of registration may now do so online”, “Foreign or overseas Chinese students applying for resident certificates, extension or change of registration may now do so online”, “Simplifying the customs clearing process of China, Hong Kong and Macau residents living in Taiwan by presenting IC ROC (Taiwan) Resident Certificate”. Please refer to the attached table for related details.
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