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2018-03-05 09:00
Ministry of the Interior (MOI) Jiunn-rong Yeh talks about New Year’s resolution using acrostic
MOI kicked off the annual review and outlook press conference on Jan. 4th with an acrostic.

Happiness and security abroad and home

Now and forever for the

Young and old

Freedom and liberty of people

Remain the Ministry’s top priority

On top of housing and public welfare

Maintaining equal and reciprocal international relations and

Methodical urban renewal help us create an

Oasis of prosperity

In Taiwan

HNY FROM MOI(Happy New Year From Ministry of the Interior)

When Interior Minister Jiunn-rong Yeh asked the media if they could detect the secret hidden in the acrostic, laughter erupted from the audience. According to Jiunn-rong Yeh, MOI’s services are closely related to the people of Taiwan, laying a solid foundation for their everyday lives. Today, the acrostic hopes to let everyone realize that MOI will always uphold the principle of compassion, discretion and greater good when promoting social housing, Residential Tenancies Act, accelerated urban renewal and reconstruction of dangerous and old buildings, sustainable environment creation (Spatial Planning Act), refinement of democratic system legislation of Political Party Act and Associations Act.

Looking ahead to 2018, MOI will continue listening to the voice of the public with the utmost sincerity and incorporate the feedbacks to promote various policies. The aim is to create a safe, sustainable and happy democratic society for the people of Taiwan.

Protection and safety at home and abroad

Jiunn-rong Yeh pointed out, creating a safe living environment for the public is the primary mission of MOI, which strives to protect the people through maintaining order, disaster prevention and rescue as well as fire safety.

On the one hand, MOI will continue the war on drugs, fraud, gangs and trace their origins to ascertain the ringleaders, thereby rooting out crime. Furthermore, cross-country and cross-agency collaborations are forged to reinforce intelligence gathering, analysis and boost detection capability.

Political parties and associations support the progress of democracy

As mentioned by Jiunn-rong Yeh, during the 30th Anniversary of the lifting of Martial Law in Taiwan last year (2017), the promotion of draft laws such as the Political Party Act and Associations Act were imbued with historical meaning. In particular, the Political Party Act was promulgated by the President on December 6, last year, proving to be beneficial for ensuring the proper functioning of political parties and their sound development.

The draft of Associations Act is currently being examined at the Legislative Yuan. In the future, the formation of associations will be changed from permit based to registration based, while self-governance will be respected and public supervision reinforced to effectively protect the people’s freedom of association.

In addition, MOI, Ill-gotten Party Assets Settlement Committee and National Women's League of the R.O.C. have signed a MOU on December 29 last year, where an official administrative contract will be signed within a month as per stipulated in the MOU. The contract will set a new milestone for the government and the private sector in dealing with the issue of transitional justice together.

In order to follow the due process of law and strengthen the legitimacy of the policy-making process, MOI promulgated the Operational Directions for Holding a Hearing on October 31, 2016. On October 27 of the same year, the first hearing officer was elected to ensure the impartiality of the hearing process. At the same time, hearing workshops are organized to compile the hearing operation manual for the reference of MOI colleagues, thereby enriching the energy of MOI’s hearings. MOI is scheduled to hold a hearing on January 27 and February 3 this year for the Gongdao 3rd Rd. urban planning project in Hsinchu and Taoyuan Aerotropolis respectively. The aim is to resolve disputes through public debate and provide the Urban Planning Committee with important reference information.

Regarding the high profile Dabu incident, Jiunn-rong Yeh also facilitated the reconstruction of Chang Pharmacy on the existing site and inspected the progress personally, meeting with Miaoli County Magistrate Yao-chang Hsu to exchange opinions. On several occasions, he also led MOI colleagues and the parties concerned to engage in close negotiations with the Miaoli County Government. After incessant endeavors, a settlement was finally reached between all parties involved in the Dabu incident in Miaoli on May 16, and the settlement agreement was signed with 3 property owners on June 27. The goal is to rebuild Chang Pharmacy on its original location in order to materialize housing justice and provide the people and the land with appropriate dignity. Rezoning, announcement for dots of urban plan and land partitioning for the aforesaid case have been completed, and the Miaoli County Government also completed the ownership transfer of land on December 22 last year. Moreover, MOI and Miaoli County Government have completed the settlement disbursement process on December 27 and 28 respectively. Subsequent constructions requiring cooperation from Miaoli County Government have also been outsourced, with construction scheduled to begin shortly.

Minister visits municipalities to encourage local officials

Jiunn-rong Yeh especially thanked his staff at MOI for working alongside him. He considers visiting local municipal officials as one of the most important things on his itinerary, therefore he set aside time last year to visit and encourage frontline police officers, firefighters and immigration services along the 180km coastline that spans across Taitung County. He travelled to the southernmost and northernmost police stations in the county: Dawu Police Precinct Sen Yong Police Station and Chenggong Police Precinct Zhangyuan Police Station. Others include Zhuolan Police Station, Zhuolan Fire Brigade, Xiangbi Police Station and Xiangbi Fire Brigade in remote township of Miaoli, as well as the First Tainan City Service Center Station of the National Immigration Agency, touted as the “most beautiful public service agency in Taiwan”. Jiunn-rong Yeh will continue to listen to and care about the needs of colleagues and forge ahead into the future with MOI coworkers.

In addition, Jiunn-rong Yeh also holds a cordial relationship with MOI colleagues by proactively partaking in various cultural and sports activities. He dressed up as Jimmy Yeh and personally drew the adorable illustration of “compassion for the land and the people”, which was used to produce fortune packets and birthday cards for colleagues. The gesture demonstrates how much he cares about his coworkers.

Moreover, Jiunn-rong Yeh also launched the A-gong Forum, where he becomes a Youtuber who speaks about the policy outlook of MOI using interesting, vivid filming technique and Internet lingoes. This way, not only will the colleagues understand more about and recognize with MOI policies, the public can also become more familiar with major MOI policies.

Promoting social housing

Jiunn-rong Yeh emphasized that in order to materialize housing justice, it is imperative to carry out the 200,000 social housing in 8 years project. In regards to government direct building, as of December 28 last year, over 49,000 houses have either been completed or entered the planning stage, exceeding the target of constructing 40,000 houses by 2020. Social housing offers presence, warmth and stature. First of all, MOI will continue to facilitate the acquisition of land and finances by local municipalities. Secondly, we provide diverse support systems to look after the housing needs using the warmest and friendliest approaches. Thirdly, the high quality design combined with accessible and smart building features attract experimental projects from young entrepreneurs and shared housing between youths and retirees, thereby introducing alternative fashion to housing.

Furthermore, the “guaranteed rent and property management” program –which encourages the transformation of vacant private houses into social housing – has been implemented in 6 direct-controlled municipalities. The target is to reach 10,000 houses within one year. Particularly, the program was already launched by Taipei City on October 31 last year, and the remaining 5 direct-controlled municipalities are expected to follow suit in January this year. MOI will continue to conduct rolling reviews and expand the project to a wider area.

Moreover, the President has promulgated the “Rental Housing Market Development and Management Act” on December 27 last year, and it will come into effect on June 27 this year, bringing 5 major reforms including “protecting the rental relation”, “creating a rental cooperation mechanism”, “developing a comprehensive dispute resolution channel”, “encouraging outsourcing management to professionals”, and “creating a professional service system”. The aim is to form a high quality, safe living environment through rental housing.

New regulations ensures the sustainability of our homeland

In order to facilitate the sustainable development of our homeland, MOI has implemented the Spatial Planning Act and submitted the draft of National Land Use Planning Act, which is slated for implementation before May 1 this year. These will be used as the highest guiding principle for national spatial development. MOI will continue assisting various municipalities to formulate their direct-controlled municipality, county (city) spatial plan before May 1, 2020, so that the spatial function zoning map can be drawn up before May 1, 2022.

Attract talents to stimulate development

Jiunn-rong Yeh mentioned that opening Taiwan to internationalization is the ambition and aspiration of MOI. In order to attract and retain talents in Taiwan, the Nationality Act – amended and promulgated on December 21, 2016 – has made provisions for professionals who have made special contributions to the country, or professional talents needed by Taiwan to retain their original nationality when they apply for naturalization. As of the end of last year, 38 and 13 individuals have completed their naturalization process respectively. At the same time, in an attempt to simplify and shorten the application process, letters were sent in May and November last year, requesting local municipalities to proactively contact individuals who have made special contributions to the country and who intend to apply for naturalization in order to inform them of the support and welfare measures offered by Taiwan.

Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals was promulgated by the President on November 22 last year, loosening regulations on foreign professionals in regards to residency and permanent residency. MOI will continue to appreciate the selfless sacrifices of foreign professionals who have made special contributions to the country, and we will continue recruiting senior professionals by loosening restrictions on naturalization, stay and residency.

Maintaining equal and reciprocal international relations

In order to strengthen border security, MOI has reinforced visitor traffic management in response to the international trend. International exchange is also improved to materialize the principle of equality and reciprocity. For instance, Taiwan was the 12th country in the world and 4th country in Asia to join the Global Entry Program, which was inaugurated in November 1 last year, and the US became the first country to adopt e-Gate with Taiwan. On November 6 last year, Australia has opened its Smartgate system to Taiwanese travelers, and Taiwan was the 16th nation in the world to join the system. Currently, the Taiwanese government is also proactively negotiating with Australia for Australian citizens to use the e-Gate system when traveling to Taiwan, thereby further enhancing bilateral relations.

Additionally, Taiwan has maintained Tier 1 ranking for the 8th consecutive year in the Trafficking in Persons Report, and MOI will continue to provide assistance for the Conference Held by the Executive Yuan for Prevention of Human Trafficking in order to coordinate with various organizations to implement related prevention measures.

Facilitating safe living and urban renewal

In order to create a safe, livable environment for the public, MOI has promoted the Urban Renewal Act, where practical problems are resolved through clearly defined rewards and tax incentives. Furthermore, the review of urban plan design, holding of hearings, urban planning renewal strengthening and negotiation platform are augmented to ensure due process and increase the public’s confidence in urban renewal. Meanwhile, the government’s urban renewal chapter and the necessary finances are added to make the urban renewal mechanism more complete. The Public Housing and Urban Renewal Center will be established this year, while 5 major supervisory systems will be created alongside the public election of the Chairman, Board of Directors and Supervisors in order to guarantee its professionalism and transparency.

Also, based on the Statute for Expediting Reconstruction of Urban Unsafe and Old Buildings promulgated on May 1 last year, MOI will continue promoting the reconstruction of unsafe and old buildings. The target for this year is 500 buildings, hoping to assist approximately 10,000 households. Currently, 4 local municipalities are accepting reconstruction requests from the public, with New Taipei City Government and Kaohsiung City Government approving the first 2 cases on November 28 last year.

Expedient service for the people

MOI strives to cater to the people’s needs by offering more time and labor saving services. For example, in terms of household registration services, new convenient public services have been launched on July 3 last year. As of the end of November last year, citizens are able to register for childbirth anywhere within the same municipality, and 4,436 cases have been processed so far. Online loss reporting without the need for Citizen Digital Certificate and cancelling ID loss report are now available; so far 20,519 cases and 5,029 cases have been processed respectively. In addition, cross-municipality same-sex partnership registration is also provided, and so far 2,783 couples have registered across 18 municipalities.

In terms of land administration service, as of the end of November last year, 1,145,374 cross-office land registration cases were processed within the same municipality, while 52,969 cases of long distance land registration application were processed during the same period.

In addition, corresponding with the change in the military service system, for conscripts born before 1993, 4,000 were assigned to R&D substitute service and 11,000 were assigned to general substitute service. In particular, 2,507 patents and 7,710 dissertations were filed by the R&D substitute service as of the end of November last year. This not only helps them in career planning but also proves to be beneficial for industry development. Conscripts born after 1994 can also apply for alternative service based on family or religious reasons.

Creating LOHAS towns and townships with local municipalities

According to MOI, in order to balance the development gap between urban and rural areas, it is proactively collaborating with various local municipalities to forge partnerships. For instance, the Heart of the Township Construction Project assists local governments to create charismatic towns and townships by offering subsidies in 2 categories: Competition and Policy. For the former category, 22 potential towns and townships were approved in October last year, with joint investment from the central and local governments totaling roughly NT$6.3 billion over the next 4 years. For the latter, 189 projects were approved in November last year, totaling about NT$1.308 billion.

The “Road Quality Improvement Plan” has been promoted to create a high quality, accessible pedestrian environment in conjunction with local governments. Phase one of the plan was budgeted at NT$8.2 billion (2017-18), where proposals from local municipalities are accepted. In total, 174 projects amounting to NT$2.63 billion were approved during the first stage last year, while 348 proposals submitted by local governments during stage 2 last year are still being reviewed.

In relation to “Public Service Location Improvement”, public buildings are assessed in accordance with the Building Earthquake Resistance Program to ascertain whether they can be reinforced or they should be demolished and rebuilt. Last year, 96 cases were approved at a budget of NT$820 million in order to help local municipalities improve the quality and safety of their public environment.

Lastly, Jiunn-rong Yeh wished everyone a Happy New Year, and he also expressed gratitude for the care and support that everyone has shown towards MOI. Jiunn-rong Yeh commented that MOI perceives great importance in diverse values, therefore the public is welcome to propose any suggestions or opinions concerning interior affairs, and MOI will humbly take these invaluable suggestions into consideration when formulating policies or systems to look after the people and the land.

Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh convenes a press conference to conduct annual review and elaborate on the future outlook.Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh convenes a press conference to conduct annual review and elaborate on the future outlook.

Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh introduces MOI’s greeting card.Minister of the Interior Jiunn-rong Yeh introduces MOI’s greeting card.
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