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2018-02-12 09:00
Interior Minister welcomes foreign nationals to become ROC citizen in official YouTube channel
Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong (葉俊榮), the host of the Ministry of the Interior’s official YouTube TV show -- “A-Rong’s Lecture (阿榮講堂),” explained reasons behind the amendment to the Nationality Act in episode 3. Under the name A-Rong, Minister Yeh pointed out that the amendment will enable foreign nationals who have made special contributions to Taiwan become Republic of China citizens; it also symbolizes Taiwanese people’s gratitude for their contributions. For instance, American Catholic priest Brendan O’Connell (甘惠忠), who led national anthem on the National Day celebration this time, is the first person to be naturalized as an ROC citizen without having to renounce his original citizenship after the Nationality Act was amended.

The third episode of “A-Rong’s Lecture” mainly explained foreign nationals who love and have made contributions to Taiwan can obtain the ROC identification card without having to renounce their original citizenship after the amendment to the Nationality Act was passed. The show listed examples of foreign nationals who are identified as “a foreign national or stateless person who has made special contribution to the RCO” after the amendment, including Father O’Connell, who have been providing cares for children with Cerebral Palsy in Tainan and Father Martinson Kieth Barry (丁松青) who had been dedicated his life to Taiwan. A-Rong especially noted that the policy represents Taiwanese people’s appreciation to those foreigners who have dedicated themselves to the nation.

A-Rong also noted that foreign expertise with professional skills are also allowed to become a ROC citizen without having to renounce their original citizenship. The professions include not only technology but also other fields such as Le Cordon Bleu chef, heritage preservationist, and outstanding novelist. The show used notable British chef Jamie Oliver featured in lifestyle channel and archaeologist character in animation to explain the government’s policy for attracting highly skilled foreign professionals.

The Ministry noted that a total of 30 foreigners who have made special contributions to Taiwan have already become ROC citizens; five highly skilled foreign professionals, including four in the field of education and one in technology, have had their applications passed. Another seven applications from fields of law, technology, medical, culture, and art are expected by the end of October . The Ministry expects that these professionals from various fields would build a brand new future for Taiwan.

In the Ministry’s “A-Rong’s Lecture” episode 3, Minister Yeh served as the host to explain the Ministry’s major policy colloquially. The show welcomed foreign nationals to become a ROC citizen through humorous and sentiment filming and editing by director and editor Chen Hsuan-yo (陳宣佑).

Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong in “A-Rong’s Lecture”

Interior Minister Yeh Jiunn-rong in “A-Rong’s Lecture”

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