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2018-01-15 09:00
2017 National Day celebrated better Taiwan
The 2017 National Day celebration kicked off at the plaza in front of the Presidential Office on Oct. 10. The celebration expressed the government’s persistence on policies and efforts in the nation’s sustainable development under the theme “2017 Better Taiwan” to respond people’s anticipation of future. The design concept of celebration logo took inspiration from Taiwan’s traditional textile craft, incorporating the Taiwanese style of three-colored lines to create beautiful and tight layers that symbolizes heritages passed down from generation to generation and a future of Taiwan that is weaved together.

On the National Day, national flags and welcome flags aligning along streets around Ketagalan Boulevard created a cheerful ambience for celebration. In the early morning, reception team formed by students of Ming Chuan University and China Medical University were set ready, and the celebration began with a rainbow forming above the Presidential Office after the rain.

The prelude started at 9:00 with the performance themed “Taiwan Police College’s Taiko Drum Brings Fortune, Earning Taiwan a Peaceful Year through Drumming” by Taiwan Police College’s Taiko drum troupe. The next was the vivid diabolo performance titled “Dynamic Youth, Vibrant Power” by the Taipei Municipal WuXing Elementary School and Min Taw Elementary School with three life-size army dolls of the Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces. The following was the music performance, silent drill platoon, and changing of the guard under the theme “Innovative Breakthrough, Exceed Summit” by the Ministry of National Defense’s Joint Military Marching Band to present glorious spirit of military. The performances were presented along with cheerleading squads of Shih Hsin University and Fu Jen Catholic University to bring audiences a fresh visual experience with dynamic and lively dance. Then, a united special service company formed by army, navy, and military police presented a military rehearsing titled “Counter-Terrorism, Strike Heaven and Earth” to show the honor and spirit of national armed forces. The military rehearsing was followed by formation of the Army’s Boeing AH-64E Apache, Bell AH-1W Cobra, and Bell OH-58D Kiowa. In the end, the Joint Military Marching Band again came to cover the main stage.

The ceremony began at 10:00 with Brendan O’Connell (甘惠忠), an American Catholic priest who has become a ROC citizen, leading national anthem with chorus of the elementary school affiliated to National Nanke International Experimental High school. O’Connell, who is 82 years old, obtained a national ID in January 2017. He expressed that it is a pleasure and an honor to be invited to lead national anthem. Chairman Su Jian-chyuan (蘇嘉全) of the National Day Celebration Preparatory Commission stated that Taiwan will let overseas compatriots see not only Taipei but also Taichung, Nantou, Miaoli and every corner of the nation. Jane H. Hsiao (許照惠), representative of overseas compatriots who resides in Miami, noted that compatriots highly affirmed the development of democracy in Taiwan, and felt the changes made by the new government. Then, Formosa Ballet led 220 students of the Department of Performing Arts of Nan Chiang Industrial and Commercial Senior High School to praise the National Day with a lively street dance performance titled “Flying over Dreams, Breakthrough Limitations” for audiences on the plaza. After the performance, the president delivered a speech titled “Better Taiwan” from three aspects, expressing her expectation for the public to look back to the joy, anger, sorrow and happiness shared together in the past year, and continues to build a better Taiwan on the National Day.

The last event of the celebration was main theme performance, which started with 46 parade floats made by the central government, local governments, private groups and religious groups. Led by 56 heavy motorcycles directed by the Service Company of Military Police Command that slowly passed by the Presidential Office at a speed of five kilometers per hour, the parade entered the venue under overwhelming atmosphere. The parade floats were divided into three themes including “Economic Taiwan Smart Navigation,” “Build a Wonderful Taiwan Together,” and “Stylish Taiwan and Vibrant Hope” to present passion and power of the nation as well as atmosphere of collaboration, and correspond to the main theme of “Better Taiwan.” After passing by the main stage, the parade continued moving along Yanping South Road, Hengyang Road, Bo'ai Road and Beimen in the end. The floats will be showcased later at the National Day Floats Themed Park established by the Taipei City Government at the C3 venue near the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Combining cultural and creative market, food vendors, and lighting show, the themed park will allow the public to see the 46 floats and lighting show every night at 18:00 until Oct. 15.

Before the end of the celebration, a formation by R.O.C. Air Force Thunder Tigers flew over the Presidential Office to create a cheerful, festive atmosphere of the National Day and bring the event to the climax, giving the public a lively National Day celebration.

Father O’Connell leads national anthem

Presidential Office

Joint Military Marching Band

Taiku Drum performance by Taiwan Police College

National Police Agency parade float

National Immigration Agency parade float

National Fire Agency parade float

Performance by R.O.C. Air Force Thunder Tigers

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