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2017-10-30 09:00
Ministry pushes for sustainable wastewater treatment
Deputy Interior Minister Lin Tzu-ling (林慈玲) attended the letter of intent signing day press conference on Reuse of the Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Water for Linhai Industrial Park on Aug. 21. She stressed that the Ministry will continue to cooperate with Kaohsiung City Government in promoting water reuse. The project is expected to generate 33,000 tons of reclaimed water daily for the use of the Linhai Industrial Park, which will help stabilize the industrial development and promote sustainable water resources. Moreover, the Ministry will actively integrate inter-departmental resources to promote the water environment project of Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program, and assist local governments improve water environment’s capacity of protection, resistance and resilience.

Deputy Minister Lin noted that the Ministry has initiated in 2013 the “Reuse of Public Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent Water Project,” which serves to demonstrate water reuse for the Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant water reuse project. The 2013 project now combines the water environment project of Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program to recycle sewage from Kaohsiung in Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant. It is estimated to generate 33,000 tons of reclaimed water daily for supplying the Linhai Industrial Park. The total budget for overall Linhai Wastewater Treatment Plant water reuse project is around NT$4.83 billion, with NT$3.756 billion sponsored by the Ministry to assist Kaohsiung City Government handle public sewage, and transform the wastewater treatment plant into a reservoir of the city through integrating reclaimed water plant. It will become a new water recycling center which serves as the strongest backup for the development of the industrial park.

Lin further stressed that the wastewater could be transformed into usable water after processing to promote sustainable development of industries and ecology. In addition, the Linhai Water Recycling Center will establish an advanced water testing section to help develop the water treatment industry and its related industries.

Finally, the Ministry will actively promote the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program and the construction of public sewage system in collaboration with the central and local governments to develop valuable water resources sustainably, added Deputy Minister Lin.

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