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2017-09-04 09:00
30 Exemplars of Filial Piety Honored at Award Presentation Ceremony
Thirty exemplars of filial piety, of whom nearly half are living in low-income households and some are students, were honored at the 2017 Filial Piety Award presentation ceremony at the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center in Taipei on July 14.

Deputy Minister of the Interior Lin Tzu-ling, as host of the ceremony, spoke of her personal experience in learning the virtuous deeds and her admiration towards the exemplars of filial piety. She called on the business circle and the public to support activities inspiring filial piety and promoting social goodness.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen, invited to speak at the ceremony, praised the filial piety exemplars, saying that every filial piety story is a legend of love, which can serve as an inspiration towards positive life and promote warmth and affection in the society.

While none of the 30 recipients of the Filial Piety Award comes from a prominent family or lives a comfortable smooth life, each of them has an impressive story of striving for a positive life and fulfilling filial piety.

Some of them have given up their careers in order to look after the parents in sick bed for long years. A few award recipients are persons with disabilities, who have been persistent in taking care of the parents. A worth-mentioned exemplar is a new immigrant from Vietnam, who, as daughter-in-law, has been looking after the aged parents of her Taiwanese family.

The list of award recipients shows that 14 of them are from low-income families, 11 of them have been looking after elders aged over 90 years old, among whom three are aged over 100. Eight award recipients are students, who have been supporting their families by doing part-time jobs or by winning scholarship money for outstanding academic performance.

Each of the 30 award recipients was awarded a trophy, souvenirs, and a NT$50,000 prize. An additional grant of NT$30,000 was given to each of the 14 award recipients from low-income families.

After the award presentation ceremony, the Ministry of the Interior arranged a tour of the Presidential Office and the Taipei Guest House where the award recipients heard briefings about the historical buildings.

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