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2017-08-28 09:00
Police Agencies Win Government Service Quality Award for 9 Consecutive Years
The "Intelligent and Mobile Police" project of the National Police Agency under the Ministry of the Interior and the Yunlin County Police Department won the 2017 Government Service Quality Award. For nine consecutive years, police agencies have been awarded this highest honor for government agencies engaged in service quality promotion.

Vice President Chen Chien-jen and Minister Chen Tain-jy of the National Development Council (NDC) presented the awards at a ceremony on June 13, 2017. A total of 29 government agencies, among 160 recommended competitors, won the awards for the year.

The National Development Council set up the Government Service Quality Award in 2008, the same year when the NDC launched the Proposal for Innovating Government Service. Outstanding public service agencies, including offices of household registration, land administration, taxation, environmental protection, health care, police, fire, tourism and recreation, have been selected and awarded.

The "Intelligent and Mobile Police " project applies intelligence, mobile and cloud technologies to integrate cross-agency police database and police information system. The project has incorporated social resources and civic participation to provide protection and services with professionalism to the public.

The project is divided into two parts. The first part is the "Police Service App", with the functions of strengthening the 110 report service by acquiring accurate orientation and ensuring safety of the person reporting a case and checking on stolen vehicles, wanted criminals and missing people. Through this App, general public can participate to support police work to guard safety of the society.

The second part is the "M-Police", handheld police mobile device, to facilitate the capability of policemen in preventing and fighting crimes.

The Yunlin County Police Department is awarded for its innovative services to ensure safe living and work environment in Yunlin, a county with large agricultural population, numerous issues related to aged population, and increasing number of new residents and foreign workers.

The police department has implemented 14 innovative services, including establishing a safety and protection network against domestic violence and an anti-fraud unit.

With the establishment of the safety and protection network against domestic violence, the department is able to keep track of the situation of domestic violence victims and to avoid fatal incidents. Some 2,000 persons have been benefited from this program.

In addition, the police department has set up remote video prosecution facilities at Taixi and Jinhu police stations so that residents in these remote regions can save their long journeys and apply for domestic violence restraining orders nearby. In 2016, the two police stations accepted 22 cases, saving the travel distance totaling 1,760 kilometers of the applicants.

To help domestic violence victims protecting themselves, the "Safety Plan for Domestic Violence Victims" brochures, in Chinese, English, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai language, have been distributed to foreign residents. In recent years, the number of new resident domestic violence victims has come down every year.

As a service to aged population, the police department has distributed leaflets propagating anti-fraud measures and set up a cross-border anti-fraud unit. To protect people’s properties , a total of 10 telecommunications facilities of fraud rings at home and abroad were uncovered and 257 suspects arrested, and money recovered and swindled money seized amounted to NT$6,630,598.

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