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Seven years of outstanding results since signing of cross-strait crime-fighting agreement
Cross-border crimes of various kinds have risen in recent years as people-to-...
NIA acts to save unregistered little girl from hunger and abuse
"Thank you, the NIA, for saving my daughter," said Wati, a 32-year-old Indone...
Taijiang Ecological Culture Zone showcases Rich Natural and Cultural Resources of the Region
The 6.6-hectare Taijiang Ecological Cultural Zone is an ideal destination of ...
Friendly Taiwan -- Government Upgrading Services to Departing Foreigners
Foreign visitors departing Taiwan can appreciate speedy immigration clearance...
Muslim new residents learning Taiwan's festivity customs
Muslim new residents in Taiwan in late May enjoyed themselves in a party mark...
Government implementing cadastral resurvey
The original cadastral maps surveyed and plotted when Taiwan was under Japane...
Strengthening of cross-border mechanisms needed to fight fraud
In recent years, the police in Taiwan have made fraud prevention a priority i...
Further improvement in building structure technology Sharing of achievement of innovational R&D
Taiwan is located on a seismic belt where earthquakes often occur. Taiwan is ...
Taiwan up to international standard with aerial survey equipment calibration; Precision of aerial images now certified
If you want to do your job well, first sharpen your tools! The Survey Instrum...
Wherever there is iTaiwan, there is a cell phone charge station
A good service that you should know. If your cell phone needs to be recharged...
Find the answer in three minutes! To verity authentic or false among 30 passports, immigration officers have demonstrated their expertise in the contest for the title of "Master of Document Examination"
Hawkeye sharp in verifying authenticity! Immigration officers are gatekeepers...
Taiwan Religious Culture Map: Your best guide when rambling religious culture
Religion in Taiwan is characterized by a diversity or religious beliefs and p...
TGOS CLOUD explores new life experience
Ministry of the Interior has been working on the establishment of relevant ge...
Sharing the sweet burden on nursing with the government
“Wow~Wow~Wow”, the parents were touched by the coming of the baby and moved b...
September’s real estate transaction data now available online
Information on all the property transactions completed during this September ...
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