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Laws and Regulations

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Establishment Directions for the Committee Reviewing the Naturalization of High-Level Professionals

1.    To fulfill Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 4, Article 9 of the Nationality Act, the Ministry of the Interior (hereafter referred to as the Ministry) has specifically formulated these Guidelines.。

2.    The mission of the Committee Reviewing the Naturalization of High-Level Professionals (hereafter referred to as the Committee) is to examine all high-level professionals defined in Subparagraph 2, Paragraph 4, Article 9 of the Nationality Act.

3.    The Committee shall have 17 to 23 members. One of them shall be the convener and that position shall be filled by the Ministry’s Deputy Minister as a concurrent job. The remaining members shall be selected and appointed by the Ministry from social justice figures and representatives of relevant authorities, of which the number of unbiased society members and members of any gender shall not be less than one third of the total number of the members.

The representatives of relevant authorities referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be the relevant business supervisors of respective authorities and those who have the grade of the 10th senior level or above. 

The term of office of the members shall be two years and the appointment can be renewed for another term. As for the members selected from the representatives of respective authorities, their term of office shall be according to the beginning and ending of their position in the authority in question.  

In case any vacancies occur in the Committee, the Ministry shall appoint successor members to fill up such vacancies. These successor members shall hold their incumbents’ positions for the remainder of the term being filled.

Additional committee members appointed pursuant to Paragraph 1 of this promulgated amendment of July 31, 2017 shall have an office term equivalent to members appointed pursuant to Paragraph 1 of promulgated Directions of January 19th, 2017.

4.    The Committee shall have an executive secretary, and this positon shall be filled by the director-general of the Department of Household Registration Affairs as a concurrent job. The executive secretary shall handle daily affairs instructed by the convener. At the same time, the Committee shall also have several clerk personnel who shall be appointed by the Ministry from its personnel and who will work for the Committee as a concurrent job.   

5.    The Committee shall convene meetings whenever required by business needs, in which the convener shall call and chair the meeting. In case the convener cannot attend the meeting, he or she shall appoint another member to attend the meeting on his or her behalf.  

6.    The Committee members shall attend Committee meetings in person. However, if a member from the representatives of authorities cannot attend a meeting in person for any reason, he or she shall appoint a representative to attend the meeting on his or her behalf.

The appointed representative referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be included in the number of the members present and eligible to speak at the meeting and to participate in resolutions.

7.    If any of the following circumstances occurs involving a member, the member shall enter recusal on his or her own or the Committee shall resolve to order that member to recuse himself or herself:

(1) When the member, his or her spouse, ex-spouse, blood relative within the 4th degree of kinship or an in-law relative within the 3rd degree of kinship or anyone who once had such aforesaid kinship with the member is the concerned person of the case.

(2) When the current or past agent or assistant of the member is the concerned person in the case. 

(3) When the member was once a witness or appraiser of the case.

(4) When there is other specific evidence to show that the member is likely to have a bias in examining the case.

8.    A Committee meeting shall not begin until a majority of the members is present, whereas the resolution items shall be approved by a majority of the members present at the meeting before being adopted. If there are an equal number of yes votes and no votes in a resolution, the adoption shall be determined by the chairperson.   

9.    When convening a meeting, if necessary, the Committee shall invite the related authorities, concerned persons and/or their agencies to attend the meeting as guests and to give required explanations.

After giving required explanations at the meeting, the aforesaid concerned persons or their agencies shall promptly leave the meeting.

10.The Committee meetings shall not be externally disclosed. The attending persons, meeting guests, and clerk personnel shall all keep confidential any and all of the details of meeting discussion and resolution items. However, silence on such items is not limited to those resolution items that have been issued.

11.The Committee’s members, executive secretary and clerk personnel all serve in their positions without pay.

12.The funding required by the Committee shall come from the relevant budget items of the Ministry.

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