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Laws and Regulations
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Directions for Identifying a Foreign National or a Stateless Person Who has Made Special Contributions to the ROC

1. These directions are instituted to define special contributions to the Republic of China (hereunder as ROC) as stated in Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the Nationality Act.

2. Any one of the following shall be identified as having made special contributions to the ROC:

  (1) Those who have been awarded an Order pursuant to the Orders Act.

  (2) Those who have made significant contributions to the democracy, human rights, religion, interior affairs, national defense, diplomacy, education, culture, art, technology, economy, finance, medicine, sports, agriculture, social welfare, medical services or other fields of affairs of the ROC, or those who have been awarded accolades by government at a Ministry level or above or from a foreign government.

  (3) Those who are in the Mackay Project that have made long dedications or particular contributions to the ROC.

  (4) Those who have founded or served at a medical care, social welfare, or social education institute for more than 20 years and have concrete evidence of contributions to the society in providing long term care, education, spiritual support and other services to underprivileged individuals in rural areas less reached by government resources.

  (5) Those who have made concrete and specific contributions in helping the global exposure of the ROC, propelling the international image and facilitated cooperation between the ROC and other countries.

  (6) Those who have other special contributions to the ROC and the public.

3. The Ministry of the Interior may seek opinions from relevant agencies in identifying qualifications of criteria listed in each of the sub-paragraphs of Article 2 above.

4. Those who apply for naturalization with special contributions shall fill out the attached Special Contribution List for Naturalization, and attach all other relevant certificates.

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