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Make impossible possible── keynote speech of Doctor Henry Lee

  • PostDate:2023-09-18 18:00

Central Police University (CPU) invited Dr. Henry Lee, the world-renowned forensic science expert, to give a keynote speech to the faculty and students of CPU and Chang Gung University of Science and Technology (CGUST) on August 18, 2023. The title of the speech was "Make Impossible Possible." 

Dr. Henry Lee giving the keynote speech “Make impossible possible
( Dr. Henry Lee giving the keynote speech "Make impossible possible" )

Dr. Henry Lee was introduced by CPU President Yuan-ming Yang as the 24th alumnus of the Department of Administration Police at CPU. He went on to earn a doctorate degree in the USA and became a faculty member at the University of New Haven (UNH). Dr. Lee was later appointed as the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Public Safety, becoming the first Chinese person to hold this position in the USA.

Dr. Lee maintains an incredibly demanding schedule year after year. His commitments extend to delivering enlightening speeches across multiple countries and actively participating in the investigation of more than ten thousand cases worldwide, where he has successfully resolved numerous intricate cases. His exceptional contributions to the field of forensic science have earned him the prestigious distinction of being recognized as one of the top ten forensic scientists spanning during the 18th to the 21st century. The fact that Dr. Lee graciously carved out time from his hectic agenda to return to CPU and impart his wisdom to the students is a truly exceptional and rare opportunity. It underscores his dedication to enhancing the educational experiences of those in attendance.

Dr. Lee first expressed his gratitude with a grateful heart for the kindness of his alma mater's cultivation, which laid a good foundation for his future work in forensic science. He emphasized the importance of being "physical evidence oriented" and "sticking to an objective standpoint" in his work, as well as never underestimating any case or person . Dr. Lee believes that the evidence should speak for itself and that he is responsible for history . Throughout his more than five decades of forensic and investigation work, he has made it his mission to "make impossible possible" by persisting in doing this one thing to the fullest . His unwavering dedication has led to numerous achievements, including more than 800 awards worldwide, over 20 honorary degrees, and the publication of 20 books and 400 journal articles.

Dr. Henry Lee  taking a group photo with colleagues of CPU
( Dr. Henry Lee taking a group photo with colleagues of CPU )

Dr. Lee also shared many precious experiences from his investigations of significant cases. He explained how he uses keen observation, logical reasoning, and suitable forensic equipment to find clues and evidence at the crime scene and successfully solve cases. Dr. Lee also encouraged students to become people with dreams and goals, and to have a positive attitude towards life in order to maintain their motivation.

Dr. Lee's humorous and incisive keynote speech not only enhanced students' forensic professional knowledge but also made them understand Dr. Lee's Philosophy of life such as “Get along with others with sincerity and treat others with trustworthiness” and “be grateful, loving and kind”.  After the two-hour speech, which is rich in wisdom, knowledge and expectation is finished, all the students were deeply inspired, confident about their future practical work and even more willing to continue to contribute the things learned to public security work.  At the end, the speech ended successfully in the passionate applause from everyone.