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Travelling Safety Tips for Tomb Sweeping Holiday

  • PostDate:2021-03-30 13:52

The 4-day Tomb Sweeping holiday starts from 2 April to 5 April, during which heavy traffic is expected on the freeways and routes connecting the cemeteries. The National Police Agency (NPA) will be jointly implementing measures for traffic controls with competent authorities concerned and police institutions across Taiwan. The general public are urged to take necessary measures to drive safely and avoid congestions.


The following 4 tips, based on an analysis of 19 main routes that connect the cemeteries and a series of measures imposed to regulate the traffic on the freeways during the holiday period, are therefore suggested for the safety of travellers:

1. Avoid Driver Fatigue:

People travelling to the cemeteries are advised to make good use of intercity buses to avoid driver fatigue. Special offers, e.g. up to 15% discount on the intercity bus tickets and free shuttles for transferring, are to be provided by the Directorate General of Highways, MOTC during the holiday period.

2. Use Public Transportation:

People visiting the tourist sites are advised to use public transportation, e.g. Taiwan Tourist Shuttle (臺灣好行) which provides a selection of 43 itineraries and up to 50% off discount for tourists using electronic stored value cards (e.g., easy card, iPass, etc.) and intercity bus companies which have special offers for 90 routes. Besides, comparing to self-driving, tourists may save about 30 minutes by taking an intercity bus to Yilan County as a result of the traffic regulatory measures imposed for the buses driving on the Freeway No.5.

3. Take Advantage of Traffic Regulatory Measures:

The freeways will be toll-free from midnight to 5am, from 2 April to 4 April, and from midnight to 10am on 5 April. Drivers are advised to travel during the toll-free period to avoid traffic and enter the freeways 1 or 2 hours after the imposition of high-occupancy vehicle restriction for the purpose of reducing traffic. However, when encountering dense fog, drivers should turn on the fog lights, increase car distance and drive at a lower speed to ensure driving safety.

4. Stay Tuned to Traffic Forecasting Services:

Real-time traffic information on the freeways will be provided during the holiday period by traffic forecasting services. Drivers are suggested to download the apps, e.g. Police Broadcast Services, Freeway 1968 and Happiness Highway, to listen to the news and plan the trips. In addition, Provincial Highway No.61 could be used by people travelling to southern/northern regions as a substitute for freeways.


“Failing to keep a safe driving distance and changing lanes illegally are the two main causes for road accidents occurred on the freeways,” states by the National Police Agency. “Drivers are urged to abide by the traffic regulations at all times in order to prevent traffic accidents and avoid breaches of driving etiquettes.”