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Cultivating multicultural lecturers, National Immigration Agency coordinates with the incubation centers of 7 universities to launch courses and recruit new immigrants charging no course fees

  • PostDate:2021-05-07 11:02

In order to encourage new immigrants and their children to participate in public affairs, the National Immigration Agency of the Ministry of the Interior has coordinated with the incubation centers of 7 universities for the first time, including Providence University, to organize 8 training courses across Taiwan from June to September this year (2021) and recruit new immigrants and their children charging no course fees, hoping to cultivate seeded lecturers for the promotion of public awareness of cultural diversity in Taiwan. Deputy Interior Minister Chen Tsung-Yen also attended the opening ceremony today (7th). The information on course registration will be announced in the middle of this month (May).

Chen Tsung-Yen said that there are currently more than 1 million new immigrants and their children in Taiwan. With the advantages in language, culture and international perspective they are an indispensable and important force for Taiwan’s future development. The purpose of the New Immigrant Multicultural Personnel Training Program launched by the National Immigration Agency this time is to encourage new immigrants and their children to make good use of their advantages participate in public affairs and promote multicultural exchanges.

Chang Chia-Wen, one of the students attending the opening ceremony, whose mother is from Cambodia, hopes that through these training courses, she can learn about the cultures of new immigrants from various countries, have a deeper understanding of cultural diversity in Taiwan and improve her speaking and presentation skills, so that she can serve as multicultural seeded personnel and introduce the culture of her mother’s homeland to the world.

According to National Immigration Agency, this program is under the cooperation with the incubation centers of 7 universities, including Providence University, Chung Yuan Christian University, Ilan University, Dong Hwa University, Taitung University, Yunlin University of Science and Technology and Asia University. The preliminary and advanced training courses, which are scheduled to be organized from June to September this year, consist of 8 sessions with 28 hours of training, free of charge. It is expected to enroll 40 students for each session. Students who pass the test will be issued a certificate of completion and included in the multicultural personnel database for public uses.

According to National Immigration Agency, new immigrants or their children above 20 years old with a high school degree or above can sign up for preliminary courses; those who have passed the preliminary courses, interpreter training organized by the relevant authorities or legal non-government organizations or teaching support personnel training of new immigrants’ language can sign up for advanced courses.

The relevant course information is expected to be announced online in mid-May this year and registration will be available by then. For further information, please contact the service hotline (04)2632-8001 ext. 11911 (Ms. Chen of Providence University) or visit the National Immigration Agency website ( and “Information for Foreigners (IFI)” network website (