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Over 1 million false 119 calls per year: National Fire Agency reminds the public to treasure emergency medical resources as any false report may be fined up to NT$15,000.

  • PostDate:2021-04-27 15:10

According to the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior, the 119 emergency hotline of nationwide fire agencies received around 2.4 million report calls last year (2020). Nevertheless, around 45% of them, counting 1.07 million calls, were unrelated to emergency rescue or medical events. The Ministry of the Interior therefore appealed to the public for treasuring related resources and restated that any false call may be fined between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000.


The Ministry of the Interior expressed that the 119 emergency hotline received 1.07 million calls that were unrelated to emergency rescue or medical events in 2020. In average, the emergency hotline received around 3,000 false 119 calls, counting 45% of all connected calls last year. The said false calls include silent calls, hung-up calls, dialing mistakes, inquiry service requests, malicious harassment, drunk dialing, mental disorder calls, children’s prank calls and false reports.


For example, the 119 emergency hotline ever received 333 calls within 3 days from the same person; and all of the call contents did not meeting the reporting requirements. As the 119 personnel gave the person a number of oral warnings during the call and no improvement was observed, the Fire Department eventually imposed a fine of NT$3,000 on the person for the purpose of warning.


The Ministry of the Interior indicates that the abused use of 119 hotline can crowd those who have actual needs for emergency support out. According to “Fire Services Act”, making any types of false alarm calls or dialing fire number without justified cause  shall be subject to a penal sum not less than NT$3,000 and not greater than NT$15,000. The Ministry of the Interior therefore expresses its hope that all citizens will treasure our emergency rescue and medical resources; and leave these resources to those who need a timely support.


The Ministry of the Interior also reminds that, when reporting an event by dialing 119, it is important to remember the slogan “Who, What, When, Where, Which”. That is, tell the 119 personnel “What happened and if a fire truck (disaster rescue) or ambulance (emergency medical service) is required?”, “Where the event takes place and if there is any obvious target around?”, “Anyone is at the scene?”, “When the event happens?” and “the name, identify and contact number of the reporter” to facilitate the rescue mission.