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How do I find a legal land administration agent?

  • Source:地政司
  • Contact Person:倪惠芬
  • Contact Information:02-23565359

Real estate registration involves a lot of professional laws and procedures, therefore, people usually seek professional services from land administration agents. However, how to find a legal land administration agent who is able to ensure the safety of real estate transactions as well as protect owner's property rights?

As of the end of June 2023, there were 10,370 legally practicing land administration agents nationwide. Apart from Lianjiang County, you can find land administration agents practicing in all other counties and cities, of which the top three are Taichung City (1,566 persons), New Taipei City (1,527 persons), and Taipei City (1,402 persons), which are the areas experience a higher frequency of real estate registrations.

If you are looking for a legal land administration agent, visit the website of “Real Estate Service Information System” for more relevant practicing information.