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Keep Energy Conservation in Mind as Summer Electricity Price Commences in June
The summer electricity pricing plan has been implemented since June 1, 2016. The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) mentioned that this year's summer rate would be lower than the rate in previous year given that the price has been reduced by 9.56% on April 1, 2016. However, energy conservation is s...
IDB to Utilize Land to Reduce Waste
The operation periods of each public incinerator in Taiwan have reached their limits in recent years. Clearance efficiency has also decreased due to the considerations of facility capacity and safety. In addition, according to statistics revealed by the EPA, the total quantity of solid waste in Taiw...
Incorporate epidemic-prevention collaboration into new southbound policy: premier
Epidemic  prevention  and  related  collaboration  must  be  incorporated  into  the  new  southbound  policy,  Premier  Lin  Chuan  said  at  today’s  Cabinet  meeting.Noting  that  Taiwan  has  collaborated  with  Southeast  Asian  nations  on  epidemic  prevention,  the  Ministry  of  Health  and...
‘Five rings of food safety’ to safeguard public health: premier
In  response  to  the  numerous  food-safety  incidents  of  recent  years  that  have  raised  public  concerns,  the  administration  has  put  forward  the  “five  rings  of  food  safety”  reform  program,  Premier  Lin  Chuan  stated  today  at  the  opening  ceremony  of  the  2016  Taipei  In...
Announces the reexamination results of abnormal labeling cases found in MOEA joint inspection.( May 2010 to May 2016)
Central Region Office, MOEA May 2010 to May 2016 coordinates municipal governments and county (city)governments to conduct commodity labeling check and reexamination regarding traditional industries related commodities such as clothing in accordance with MOEA import abnormal commodity joint inspecti...
Industrial Production Indexes in May 2016
Taipei, June 23, 2016 -- Industrial production index posted an annual increase of 1.89% in May. Referring to the production status of each industry, manufacturing increased 1.93%, mining & quarrying decreased 9.93%, electricity & gas supply increased 10.89%, water supply increased 1.68%, and buildin...
Sales of Trade and Food Services in May 2016
Taipei, June 23 , 2016-- Wholesale Trade decreases 2.6% for May 2016, Retail Trade increases 0.9%, and Food and Beverage Services increases 0.8%.
EPZA has offered foreign businesspeople of enterprises which invested in zones with speedy immigration inspection services.
This is just a reminding note that EPZA has offered foreign businesspeople who have already invested in the Export Processing Zones (EPZs) with speedy immigration inspection pre-registration services since January 2008.These "Speedy Immigration Inspection" regulations have been enacted on September ...
UK and Taiwan have aligned for the offshore wind power development in "11th Taiwan-UK Renewable Energy Conference"
The 11th Taiwan-UK Renewable Energy Conference was jointly hosted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and the British Office Taipei at the NTUH International Convention Center on May 30, 2016 for expediting Taiwan's development in offshore wind energy. The UK renewable energy experts and dele...
BSMI establishes safety footwear standards to protect workers
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) has established a series of standards since 2015 to enhance safety footwear quality and to protect workers' safety. The move is expected to upgrade domestic practices to international standards.The four new standards are as follows:"CNS 20344 Pe...
BSMI revises wood preservation standards
Green consumption and healthy living have driven the demand for wood use in interior designing, recreational facilities and public buildings in recent years. On December 28, 2015, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) revised three standards for wood preservation to protect consumer...
BSMI revises automobile tires standard with revisions on service life limitation
The Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) has revised the "CNS 1431 Automobile tires" on December 16, 2015 to enhance driving safety. The new standard, with reference to ISO standards and reports from other countries, specifies installation and service life of tires for cars (automobile...
New Investors Add to Taichung Software Park Six New Companies Invest and Station In
The Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) convened an investment application review meeting on 28th January 2016, and seven new investment applications were approved to invest and station in. Six new companies including Latec Technology Co., Ltd., Gu...
Industrial Development Bureau Hosted Workshop for Enterprise Intellectual Property Management.
In order to help enterprises enhance intellectual property management and realize their potential value, the Industrial Development Bureau had revised the Industrial Innovation Act in 2015, by including intellectual property rights into tax extension, allowing to use enterprises’ developing cost for...
IEA Wind Task 27 meeting first held in Taiwan, highlighting technology and certification enforcement of Wind Turbine industry April 25, 2016
In order to help the promotion of small wind turbine industry and technology, to maintain an international channel for small wind turbine standard technology cooperation and to successfully expand the overseas markets, the International Energy Agency wind energy research and development cooperation ...
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