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Innolux ranks as 2nd-largest global TV panel supplier in 2015
Taipei, Jan. 23 (CNA) Innolux Corp., one of Taiwan's leading flat panel makers, ranked as the second-largest TV panel supplier in the world in 2015, up one notch from a year earlier.The ranking was on the back of relatively low production costs, which helped the company grab a bigger market share, a...
Snow around Taiwan wows locals
Taipei, Jan. 24 (CNA) Snow, which is rarely seen in Taiwan, an Asia-Pacific island crossed by the Tropic of Cancer, wowed people around the island Sunday with the appearance of the white stuff, from the capital Taipei in the north to Pingtung County in the south.Under the influence of a strong cold ...
First Taiwan-built PL-1B Chieh-shou jet returns to service in U.S.
Los Angeles, Jan. 24 (CNA) The PL-1B Chieh-shou trainer, designed and manufactured by the Aero Industry Development Center (AIDC) under the Republic of China Air Force as the first domestically built aircraft since the ROC government moved to Taiwan in 1949, is back in service in the United States a...
Executive Yuan affirms THSRC and union for putting public interests first
The  Executive  Yuan  expressed  affirmation  and  gratitude  to  the  Taiwan  High  Speed  Rail  Corporation  (THSRC)  and  the  THSRC  l...
Taxpayers paying taxes by check shall fill “Tax Payment Only” in the field of beneficiary other than the name of taxation office.
National Taxation Bureau of Taipei, Ministry of Finance(NTBT) indicates that those taxpayers who pay taxes by check shall fill “Tax Payment Only” in the field of beneficiary other than the name of taxation office. If the beneficiary is taxation office, the check is required to be...
To redress unfair and unrealistic taxation due to the current practice of taxing transaction gains of houses and land under different systems, effective at the beginning of 2016, a consolidated housing-and-land income tax shall belevied on incomes derived from transactions of houses and lands obtain...
Taiping Island is an island, not a rock, and the ROC possesses full rights associated with an exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in accordance with UNCLOS
Press Release No. 023January 23, 2016 Taiping Island is an island, not a rock, and the ROC possesses full rights associated with an exclusive economic zone and continental shelf in accordance with UNCLOS In recent years, parties concerned have continued to be at odds over sovereign...
Industrial Production Indexes in December 2015
Taipei, January 22, 2016 -- Industrial production index posted an annual decrease of 6.17% in December. Referring to the production status of each industry, manufacturing decreased 5.52%, mining & quarrying decreased 7.69%, electricity & gas supply decreased 22.11%, water supply decreased 0....
Sales of Trade and Food Services in December 2015
Taipei ,January 22 , 2016-- Wholesale Trade decreases 4.9% for December 2015, Retail Trade decreases 0.2%, and Food and Beverage Services increases 2.0%.
[News] Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the World’s Fourth Best
In a recent online poll on the website www.sleepinginairports.net, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, the main gateway to Taiwan, received the fourth-highest number of votes, proof that the major efforts to upgrade the airport’s facilities in recent years have been received positively b...
Manpower Survey Results in December 2015
Contact Information:Manpower Survey Section, Department of Census, Directorate General of Budget Accounting & Statistics (DGBAS) Tel:886-2-2380-3600    Total employment in December 2015 was 11,242,000, which increased by 7,000(+0.06%) and 91,000 (+0.82%) from the previous month an...
Earnings and Productivity Statistics in November 2015
In November 2015, the total nonagricultural payroll employment, at 7,421 thousand, increased by 9 thousand (or 0.12%) than last month. In comparison with November 2014, payroll employees increased by 82 thousand (or 1.12%). The average employment since January 2015 was 7,382 thousand, increased by 1...
U.S. officials arrive to show support for Taiwan's continued growth
Taipei, Jan. 17 (CNA) Two senior officials of the United States arrived Sunday to show Washington's support for Taiwan's continued growth and prosperity in the wake of Saturday's elections that had produced a first female president and a Legislature to be dominated by non-Kuomintang (non-KMT) politi...
Ma hopes virtuous cycle in Taiwan-China-U.S. relations continues
Taipei, Jan. 18 (CNA) President Ma Ying-jeou told a visiting United States envoy Monday that the vicious cycle in relations between Taiwan, China and the U.S. has ended, replaced by a virtuous cycle that he hoped will continue.The president expressed his hope while meeting former U.S. Deputy Secreta...
Foreign student impressed with helpfulness of Taiwan police
Taipei, Jan. 18 (CNA) Police in Hsinchu County have impressed a foreign student with their helpfulness by driving the student back to his school over the weekend after his bicycle had a flat tire.Tugdual, a French national studying at National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu City, rode his bicycle ...
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